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The way properties are bought, sold and promoted has changed greatly over the last decade, with digital tools continually bringing more to the process. However, finding the balance between personal and digital has been challenging for sales teams - until now.
2023 will likely change the face of business for years to come, and as every business embraces technology you need to ensure you are setting the pace instead of getting left behind. In order to thrive in the 'new normal', companies need to evolve - using the right tools at the right times to engage potential customers personally and digitally. The popularity of virtual tours combined with unprecedented demand for video conferencing presents a huge opportunity. Since competitors using outdated methods one could soon be leading the way, providing potential customers with exceptional immersive 3D experiences that helps to close that deal.
Matterport 3D Showcase is nothing like typical “virtual tour”. It is a complete, immersive virtual experience that transports buyers to the property, right from their web and mobile device. Created from real 2D and 3D data about a property, Matterport 3D Showcase feels incredibly real, and is the only way to give online and remote buyers a true sense of being in a property, wherever they are.
Research by Google Shows That...

Google is #1 for Those who use Local Search
When searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of people use Google. Matterport 3D 360 Tour services help boost customer’s listings even further!

2 out of 3 People Want More Virtual Tours
Among people surveyed, 67% want more business listings to have virtual tours.  Of the remainder, 26% were indifferent, and 7% stated that more virtual tours were unnecessary. Recent study has shown that Matterport tours are 40% more engaging amongst millennials.

Virtual Tours Help Double Interest in Business Listings
Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in visiting a business or booking a reservation.  Among 18-34 year-olds, prospects are 130% more likely to visit and/or book based on a tour. Moreover, a 3D virtual tour using Matterport technology helps more than double interest in business listings.

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